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So many twisty roads, so little time.

Alabama Classic Minis United
Come join us and find the twisty roads in Alabama.

Join us as we join other British clubs for events around the beautiful state of Alabama. We will meet and drive our classics for fun and entertainment; there will be no regular meeting dates other than when we gather together. 

Membership dues are as follows: All dues are based upon your engine size, for instance, if you have a 998cc motor your dues will be $9.98 per year. A 1293cc motor will be $12.93 and so onů Take this amount of money and place in an envelope. Stash the envelope under your bed, behind your seat or better yet in the ash tray in the center of your dash and open it when you need gas money.

An idea that has been a long time coming is finally here. Join us to have a little fun and share tech tips and stories of our adventures. 

We will be building a web page soon to keep you informed of events and specials that we find.

Chapter Contact:
Ruben Greenwood

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