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The club objective is to bring classic Mini owners together for club gatherings, cruises, and other car clubs’ events.

Here’s a brief overview of the club structure.

The club started as Classic Minis of Florida in 2004. But, due to the growth of the club both nationwide and worldwide, a new name that brings classic Mini owners together everywhere was created, Classic Minis United! We're expanding fast and inviting members as well as existing classic only Mini clubs across the globe to become a Classic Minis United chapter. This website will become the base for links and information for each chapter. If you're interested in starting a chapter, please go HERE for more information. You don't have to take on a large area, start with some local Minis in your area, get the word out, and they will come. It's easy, and you'll quickly see it grow! Use our Florida chapter as a role model for an easily run club. Of course if you're already in a classic only Mini club, the entire club can become a chapter!

Florida (sample chapter)
The Florida chapter (Classic Mini Fan-atics) is divided into two regions: north, and central/south Florida. Each year there will be gatherings that will be rotated between the two regions. Unlike most car club events that have weeks/months of planning leading up to an event, this club is different in that our events are much easier to organize; hence the term gathering is used instead of meet or event. In place of the typical half/all day car show there is a rally/cruise leading the Minis to an area attraction/activity/food. There are no goody bags, banquets, or traditional awards at these gatherings, just a great time with fellow Mini owners and their Minis. By cutting out the fluff, a good time will also be had by the area’s organizers, thus eliminating the organizer burn-out syndrome.

Each region has a representative to organize their region’s weekend gatherings. The representative also heads additional club meetings and get-togethers. There is no set or required amount of meetings or get-togethers; it will be at the discretion of the club’s members in that region. As the network of Mini owners grows in a region, so will the gatherings.

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