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FABMOC (Friends and Buddies Mini Owners Club) was born out of the ashes of our old club ACME Minis which disbanded after in house arguing and certain  members causing ill feeling within the membership.
It was at this time that we heard of a club in Yorkshire, England that had gone through the same problem and they formed FABMOC. It originally stood for "Free of Arsholes and Bastards Mini Owners Club" but they changed the name to Friends and Buddies Mini Owners club as the former would not look good on the website.
As soon as we heard the name we knew it was the name for us so we asked if we could have a branch of their club in North Wales and they agreed, there are now 4 branches in total in the U.K. and we all share the same website with our own link.
There are no membership fees or subscriptions you just log on and join the club, we are a gathering of mini nuts that spend there time restoring, repairing and modifying minis to go on as many runs or attend as many shows as possible, it works well for us and there is no need for any commitees and anyone who wants to administer the club can, at the moment that role falls to me.

Neil Gavin
Co-ordinator for
FABMOC North Wales

So log on and join now at www.fabmoc.co.uk , click on the North Wales link.

Club meetings
FABMOC North Wales is a classic only mini club that meets at the
Penrhyn Old Hall
Penrhyn Bay
North Wales
on the second Wednesday of every month from 7.30 p.m. onwards

FABMOC North Wales is glad to be a part of Classic Minis United!
Part of a Worldwide Mini Fraternity, so join now and help spread the word.

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