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Club Supporting Dealers
As our club grows, we hope to be able to bring the members more and more
benefits. Saving money and/or helping the club are great benefits. We
thank the distributors below for their club involvement.
If you sell something related to the Classic Mini and want to offer a discount/special
to our members, please contact
Mike Guido.

Participating Mini Parts Suppliers

North American service with UK pricing!
Along with the already lowest prices in North America, Mini Sport USA
has "members only" specials for CMU members!

Great British Cars is offering a 10% discount on all website parts
and accessories. The discount is for website orders only, but, special orders
are included as well. When you place your order, you will use a code on the
checkout page to receive your discount. If they are already offering
a special discount on their website the code might not work.
Since this is for club members only, please email
for the code and include your full name.
Then go shopping at


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