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Day 1

Let's go to the beach!
Actually with the NE winds blowing at 25-35+mph, the surf/beach morning segment of event was cancelled. Everybody was welcome to still go and surf as long as they left us the keys to their Mini; there were no takers. While the winds made the beach uninhabitable, they made the rest of the weekend enjoyable.

Plan B:
We had a couple of hours to kill before we left for lunch and the afternoon cruise, so we brought out our favorite parking lot game, Mine Field! It's a timed event where you have to drive over specific Dixie cups without running over the Dixie cups that are marked as mines. Yes, it would have been more fun with mimes, but our budget and insurance wouldn't cover it. So we still can't answer the question, "If a mime gets run over by a Mini, will he/she make a sound?" Back to the story.... The rules are simple. 1. The cup must be smashed. 2. If you smash a mime you receive a 10 second penalty. 3. Run over the cups in any order. 4. The driver and passenger must keep their heads inside the car at all times. 5. Have fun!

Here, Mark C. shows how to run over the mine without touching the correct cup. He
then proceeded to drive into the bushes. 

The winner was Freddy S. in his wide tired VTEC
Mini nicknamed the "steamroller." Yes, there needs to be classes...

Next we headed to Cocoa Beach for lunch and the start of the cruise. Day 1 continued

Still not in the picture?

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