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The CMU Mini
Hot Wheels Grand Prix
At the Tow Joe Raceway

Let's have some more fun!

After a fun day of driving the real Minis around some twisties, it's time to have some Hot Wheels racing fun! The Toe Joe Raceway is a 10' long, 6 lane drag strip with electronic scoring. To add to the fun there's a 50/50 cash payback up to $100. That's right, if you win, that makes you a professional racer. Wait until you tell your friends! Just don't tell them everything...

There are two classes of racers, giving everybody a chance to race and to win. The classes are as follows.

1- Run What We Brung
We will bring an assortment of  Hot Wheels cars (not Minis) sealed in the package for you to choose from. Pick one, any one, that you think will be a winner. It must stay sealed in the package until race time. Put your name on the back of the package and pay the $5 entry fee. If your car beats the field through the single elimination, you will win half of the entry money up to $100. All of the cars are returned to the owners after they are taken out of competition.

2 - Pro Series
Yes, you knew this would happen. In this class, you bring your own Hot Wheels to race! To make the competition as fair as possible, there's always rules.... So here they are:
1. It must be a Hot Wheels brand classic Mini of any variant. You can modify and paint the body any way you like, but nothing can protrude forward of the front stock bumper. The chassis must be the original Mini chassis as noted in the casting.
2. Wheels and axles must be original, but feel free to modify and lubricate.
3. Maximum weight is 61.5 grams.
4. Maximum distance between a flat surface and the bottom of the front bumper (launching point) is .150". This equalizes the starts.
The entry fee and payout is the same as class 1.

Get your Hot Wheels ready to race!

For any questions or rule clarifications, contact Mike Guido.

Join the fun by either picking a car at event registration, or modify and bring a Pro Series Mini racer to beat Jason Pigg!

Thank you Justin and Wilver
for running the races!!!!



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