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IMM 09 - Mini 50

I'll try to keep the babble to a minimum, but if you know me, you know that will be hard to do. So, here's the short version... Two couples, Rhonnie and I, and Rob and Gail flew to Scotland, in a plane. We stayed with Mini friends, Jim and Jane, south of Glasgow, then spent a day with more good Mini friends, Hamish and Nicola, near Perth. Jim set us up with a motorhome and a Mini for the rest of the 2 week trip. We then headed south for the big show! We arrived on Wednesday to beat the crowds. Then they started to come, and come they did!

The event was in a HUGE park with rolling hills. In Florida, these would be called mountains.

From any view you would see hundreds and hundreds of Minis and tents on the hillsides.

Mini clubs from around the world created small villages everywhere you looked, proudly displaying their flags. It was a lot of fun to walk around and meet so many people that we couldn't understand.

If you're wondering how big the IMM was? Here are some approximate numbers from the man himself, the man that took on and pulled off the biggest Mini event in history, Mike Price. (applause)

6,500 Minis
8,500 people camping
472 clubs represented
48 countries represented
Over 12,000 people attended!

A small staff of about 20 people and their friends are to thank for this huge success! (more applause)

As you can see in the pictures above, the weather was beautiful! It rained heavy the day before we arrived so there was some entertainment watching Minis trying to climb the steep hills on the wet grass. The classic Mini gods once again (also our CMU Mini 50) held the rain back for the next 4 days!.


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