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Jacksonville 10-05 Gathering (Hurricane Wilma!)

No, this was not staged. Rocky was fixing a lower rad hose!
Nothing needs to be staged at a Classic Mini gathering....it just happens.

Our first gathering!
Rally-Ferry-Beach-Cruise-Halloween Party!

October 21-23, 2005 
With Hurricane Wilma coming towards Florida, the gathering was in question days earlier... But then we decided that since the Minis were born in the land of crummy weather, what's the big deal about a hurricane.

Friday night the Minis started to arrive, then came the 30mph winds and sheets of rain. Shortly after, the wet occupants came in the hotel lobby with some great stories! The weekend has begun with some memorable moments and stories, but it gets even better.

Saturday morning came with cloudy cool skies and the start of our 7 bridge camera rally. The skies cleared up and the Minis were cruising through downtown Jax snapping photos on their way to the picnic lunch at the beach with perfect Mini weather!

Each Mini was given a disposable camera and had to take a picture of each bridge with either themselves or their Mini or both. They were judged as an overall packet of pictures, one good/creative shot wouldn't win the rally. There was a tie for first, then the answered question scoring decided the winner. One thing that was obvious in everybody's pics, they all had fun!

Click on the numbers to see a few of our favorite photos! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

Count the Mini's!

Exiting the ferry.

Following lunch, we cruised to the ferry and back to the hotel to get ready for the Halloween party.


Then it was off to Jason and Kim's for the Halloween party. Their yard looked like a small version of Universal Studios haunted cemetery, even with flying ghosts that crossed their street! Unfortunately a lot of the pictures didn't turn out due to the lack of light at night, but here are some good ones... 1 2 3 4 5 6

Sunday morning after breakfast we had our "awards" presentation. Included was the first ever presentation of "The" Award! See awards

We wrapped up this gathering with a cruise to St. Augustine for lunch. We then went home to Wilma and devastation.

Overall, from the great weather (considering), friendly/FUN Mini enthusiasts, and a smoothly run and well thought out inexpensive format, this gathering fully represents everything this club is striving for. If you're not a member yet, and you have a Classic Mini, come join the fun! It's free to join! We hope to see you at our next gathering.


Copyright 2005 Classic Minis of Florida