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Mad Minis
The crazy world of modified Minis.
by Iain Ayre

Minis have always been a favorite with tuners and modifiers, and in the highly entertaining Mad Minis, featuring stunning color photography, Mini World feature writer lain Ayre takes a unique look at 30 of the craziest modified Minis on the world's roads, from the subtle, through the wacky to the plain mad.

Massively modified Minis - 'Minissan', 'Suicide Chop', 'Turbo Triple Miniac', 'Pooh and Hunny Pot' and 'Belgian Beast'.

Oddball Minis - Mini-based fire engine, Mini-based bus, stretched Mini limo, three-wheelers.

Power-crazed Minis - Twin engines, motorcycle engines, Nissan V6, Honda Vtec, Ford Motorsport V8, Chevy V8 and Mazda rotary power.

Wacky bodies - Convertibles, roofless, 'woody', pick-up, off-roader.

Posh Minis of the past - Bespoke versions by Radford, Ogle and Wolseley.

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Each of the minis featured in Mad Minis has a detailed description including the design and evolution of each car, technical specs, driving impressions and owner profiles.

Author: Iain Ayre is well known on the kit-car scene and in Mini circles, and is North American correspondent for the UK's Mini World magazine. He lives near Vancouver, Canada.

Mad Minis is published by Haynes in the UK and can be found throughout the UK. For North American orders, the best place to order from is at Amazon.com. Here's a link to the Amazon order page. An autographed copy by Iain Ayre is available by contacting him HERE.

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