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The Mini 50 - Day 1

While a lot of people started to arrive Wednesday night, Thursday morning was when things really got going. The day started with a drivers meeting at the campground outdoor theater, held by the days cruise master, Mike McMillan. His route was perfect for the first day, starting with a drive up Deals Gap (The Dragon). We had clear blue skies, starting in the 60's and warming up to the upper 70's! The only chance of getting wet on this cruise was with Super Soakers or a blown cooling hose (Mark's Moke saved that trick for Saturday.).

Following the climb up the Gap, we continued through the twisty mountain roads to lunch. Before lunch we only had one Mini spin, the first of three for the weekend!

We went a total of about 175 miles with only one Mini breakdown. But not to fear, a British car nut with a trailer followed the route each day to pick up stranded Minis. He was useful all three days, thanks for being there!


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