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The Mini 51 - Day 1

If you've been to a CMU event you know the joy of a drivers meeting. People get up early just to make sure they're not late. They bring still and video cameras just to make sure they don't miss a thing. Then they get into their Mini and forget it all!

As you can see, Big Al will do anything to sell a Mini; nice placement!

Thursday's Cruise Master was Chuck Gaines. Chuck mentioned at the drivers meeting that due to the rain and the fallen leaves, the roads would be slick. We left in one long police escorted classic Mini line out of Erwin towards Roan Mountain. We found out that Chuck knew what he was talking about, weeeeeeee... Luckily the visibility was minimal so we couldn't see what we would hit if we slid off the road. If someone was unfortunate enough to leave the road or break down, we once again had Jim Watson bringing up the rear with his truck/trailer for all three days!

See the Dooder VIDEO

The roads weren't as slick as the
Reverend Rat!


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