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Here's the official shirt!


Can't see it?
That's because it's a plain, unprinted, white T-shirt.
If you don't already have the official shirt, they sell them just about everywhere!

If you prefer the official CMU tie-dye club shirt or sweat shirt,
order them on your entry form!


Thank you sponsors!
Their logos are links, visit them and see some great Mini stuff!.

Also #1 in restoring classic
Mini heater panels!

850-244-6608 -Fort Walton Beach, Florida

See their 400hp AWD Mini!

Special thanks to:
Rhonnie Guido XOXO
Rob and Gail Woelfle
Cruise Master Chuck Gaines
Cruise Master Laurence Vooght
Scavenger Hunt Master Justin Handy
Silent Auction Masters Malcolm and Linda
Hot Wheels Masters Justin and Wilver
Jim Watson leaves no broken Mini behind!!
... and everybody else that's making this the BIGGEST and best North American, 3 day Mini adventure!

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