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Here's our story!
By Mike Guido

August 7-10, 2009
Longbridge, Birmingham, UK 

Before I begin, the above picture needs a little explanation... Following the IMM we went to Gaydon to camp for a few days. There were about a dozen campsites full of Mini enthusiasts. By far the loudest group were some families from the Mighty Mini Maniacs from southern England and Wales. I was told by some of the kids that their grandmother was a witch. I suggested we burn the witch but first we must make sure she's really a witch. I gave her an animal balloon to blow up and said that a witch would't be able to blow it up. She couldn't so she's obviously a witch, let's burn her! She made the above face and we loved it so we spared the witch! Her name is Yvonne G.; she was a great sport and became our poster child/granny for our trip! Note: The mole on her nose was not Photoshopped, remember, she's a witch!

Take some time and relive our IMM/Mini 50 experience! 

The story/pics starts HERE.

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