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Here's the story!

With 2009 being the 50th birthday of the Mini, we wanted to do something special, very special. Follow along with the story and photos and see what became the best North American Mini event ever! When you're done, you'll be asking, "When's the next one?!?" Due to the success of this event, we're planning on a Mini 51, 52, 53, 54... with the same ingredients. 

Let's set the stage...

Springtime in the Great Smoky Mountains! The flowers were starting to bloom, the temps were in the 70's, and as you can see, nothing but classic Minis (102 entered), heaven on earth! CMU took over most of the KOA campground in Townsend, Tennessee. A beautiful campground with cabins, lodges, and camp sites on a river (Yes, there were hotels close by as well.). The picture above shows the ultimate layout for a Mini party. On the upper left is the movie screen, just below that is the beer tasting, not pictured (to the left) is the pavilion with the swap meet. 

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The Official event shirts by:

Big AL the Mini Mover

Monte Carlo Minis
Orlando, Florida

Central Ohio Mini Owners

Special Thanks
Mike Ehinger
Brad Rosselle
Mike Priest

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