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Mini 51
Autumn in the
Erwin, Tennessee
October 13-16, 2010

here we come!
Banjo optional...

Register by the deadline and you'll be registered to win
a free stay at the Holiday Inn Express!
Registration deadline is September 15th!!!

We're headed for the mountains again!

Hosted by the CMU Florida Chapter and members from around the country.

The CMU Mini 50 "Party in the Smokies" was a HUGE success, so we're keeping the same formula for our Mini 51. At the Mini 50 we got to see the blooming beauty of Spring, now we'll get to see the changing of the leaves for Fall. The dates we chose are right in the middle of the leaves changing. Also, October is the driest month for this area. Add in the mountain roads, a beautiful campground, a really nice hotel nearby, and 100+ classic Minis and we'll have an event that could top our Mini 50!

This year we chose Erwin, Tennessee as the stage for our 3 day driving adventure. Located in the northeastern corner of Tennessee in the Appalachian Mountains you'll get to drive your Mini on some of the most beautiful roads in North America. As with all of our CMU events, we like to drive, and that's what we'll be doing. We will have drives each of the three days with plenty of stops and things to see. We will also have a scavenger hunt, swap meet, beer tasting and a catered BBQ dinner while listening to a Bluegrass band on the beautiful campground rivers edge. Oh, and whitewater rafting! 

Area CMU members are excited to show off their roads and are already (12/09) plotting the cruises. The Erwin Chamber of Commerce has made this an official Chamber event and is actively helping with planning, saving the club money, and setting up a Police escort through town.

As with any event, space is limited! We try to plan a year ahead so our members can make the campground and hotel reservations before the tourists fill it up. This is a popular time of year with the leaves changing color. With that said, if you're coming or considering coming, you need to book your camp site or hotel room now. Both locations are beautiful and the managers are working with us to make this a great event. For example, since space is limited at the campground, the hotel secured the field next to the hotel for all of the trailers. Note that the campground offers covered platform tents that are already set up, you just bring a sleeping bag, LOOK!

If you haven't been to a CMU event before, we do it differently; we like to drive/cruise a lot and see all around the area we're visiting. With this being a CMU event, you must be a member to enter a Mini. Membership is free, go to the join page and become a member! As with all of our events, this is for everybody, but all of the drives/cruises/anything is only for classic Minis and its variants produced from 1959-2000, no exceptions. There's always room to ride in someone’s Mini if you come in something else.

MiniWorld Magazine comments on our Mini 50 event.
"Many people who went said it was the best Mini event they'd ever attended."
"The event set a new standard for USA Mini meetings..."

Mini Magazine also comments on our Mini 50 event.
"... it raised the bar of what should be expected of a show in North America."
"... can't wait for the next CMU event!!"

But wait!!!!
There's more!
Saturday morning will start with a cruise that will set the new North American record for the most Classic Minis in single file! Followed by some beautiful twisty roads to our lunch spot, then you will have the afternoon option. You can continue on the afternoon cruise, yes, more twisty fun roads, or you can go whitewater rafting! It will be a special group of just Mini nuts. Our group cost is $40pp, the time spent crashing into rocks, priceless! See more at
Blue Heron Whitewater.

Club Forum
If you would like to join in with others and make your trip to/from the Mini 51 more enjoyable and safer (parts and service help) go to our club forum and connect with other members. Share your plans, where you're coming from, things you're bringing to the swap meet, local beers you're bringing, you favorite story from the Mini 50, suggestions for the Mini 51 (we listen!)......  Forum  We're also on facebook join in!

Host Campground
Nolichucky Gorge Campground website
Space is limited. Look at the campground website and the site map  then call (423) 743-8876 for availability and to make your reservation. Mention Classic Minis United to get the group rate. You'll pay in full when you make your reservation, but cancellations 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival receive a full refund. Make your reservation ASAP so the Minis stay together and get the best spots! Note: The event is over Saturday night, so, you'll probably want to check out on Sunday the 17th.

Co-host Hotel 
Holiday Inn Express website
Call 800-304-7958 or 423-743-4100 ASAP and reserve a room, this is the best hotel in the area and they're giving us a good rate. Once they're full you're either camping or driving way down the road for something not nearly as nice...  HERE are their rates for our event. Mention Classic Minis United to get the discounted rates. Note: The event is over Saturday night, so, you'll probably want to check out on Sunday the 17th.

Registration is open! Go HERE, print it, fill it out, and send it in ASAP so we can plan properly and have the money to do so. Registration deadline is 9-15-10. After that date it will cost you more and we can't guarantee shirts, catered dinner, or the cool give-a-ways! Please help us by getting it in now. And yes, we're still and always will be the biggest bang for your Mini buck!

T-shirts and Hooded sweats!
With winter around the corner from our Mini 51, we're offering along with the event T-shirt a long sleeve T and a Hooded Sweatshirt! The design is a full color screen print front and back. It's safe to say it's unique like no other Mini shirt in the world. Check them out, if you can't make it to the Mini 51 we'll send it to you! Go HERE to see it! 

Here's the official schedule! Here's a printable version.
The following is an overview description...
Wednesday: Registration at night, please try to register then!
Thursday: A morning cruise to Roan Mountain, followed by an infamous scavenger hunt, followed by a night ice cream cruise to the oldest town in Tennessee. If you haven't done a CMU scavenger hunt, ask someone that has and you'll be looking forward to it!
Friday: A full day cruise that's a good mix of driving, stopping, sightseeing, and eating that will include the "
Snake". The evening BBQ will be catered at the campground while we're enjoying a 5 piece Bluegrass band! We'll also have a swap meet and beer tasting.
Saturday: We'll start the morning cruise with a line-up and cruise to top 100 classics in a single file. We'll drive some great roads to the lunch stop and then you'll have a choice for your afternoon activity. You can continue on with the afternoon cruise or you can go whitewater rafting! Our group rate for the rafting is $40pp and we'll be back to the campground/hotel around 5:00. For more info go to
Blue Heron Whitewater. Then back to the campground for some story telling, relaxing, and goodbyes around the riverside campfire. 
Sunday: Head home and think about how much fun you had while dreaming about the Mini 52!

Supporters and Sponsors
If you would like to help make this event the biggest and best event ever, we could use your support. Simply put, the more money we raise, the more money we can spend on the event. We kept the entry costs down so everybody can afford it, we got a title sponsor (Mini Sport) to help make the event happen to our standards, now we would like embellish and add to it. If you would like to support the Mini 51 with either cash or merchandise (for an auction or giveaways) please click HERE for more information.

Thank you sponsors!
Their logos are links, visit them and see some great Mini stuff!.

850-244-6608, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

See their 400hp AWD Mini!

Orlando, Florida

Special thanks to:
Mike Ehinger
Cruise Master Chuck Gaines
Cruise Masters Wade & Gail Tate

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