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The Mini 54!

Virginia is for Mini Lovers!

CMU invades Wytheville, Virginia
October 9 -13, 2013
If you like driving your Mini, don't miss this 3 day Mini adventure!

beautiful mountains
and classic Minis
as far as the eye
can see!

(Picture from the Mini 51,
Autumn in the Appalachians)

Hosted by the CMU Florida Chapter and members from around the world.

This year we chose Wytheville, VA as the base for our 3 day driving adventure. It's located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Wytheville is known as "The Hub of Southwest Virginia" and "the Crossroads of the Blue Ridge". As with all of our CMU events, we like to drive, and that's what we'll be doing. We will have drives each of the three days with plenty of stops and things to see. Add in the nighttime activities, scavenger hunt, live Bluegrass band, swap meet, and you have the most amazing classic Mini event in North America! This year we will also be offering a different kind of cruise/activity that will be fun for all. Last year was white water rafting, this year will be........ wait for it...

If you haven't been to a CMU event before, we do it differently; we like to drive/cruise a lot and see all around the beautiful area we're visiting. With this being a CMU event, you must be a member to enter a Mini. Membership is free! If you are one of the few that hasn't already joined, go to the join page and become one of the over 1,000 members! As with all of our events, this is for everybody, but all of the drives/cruises/anything is only for classic Minis and its variants produced from 1959-2000, no exceptions. (The period following "exceptions" is to end the sentence and to also say "period".) There's always room to ride in someone’s Mini if you come in something else. We don't leave anybody behind! Not even the couple coming all the way from Australia...assuming they bring the staff cool Australian gifts.

For those of you that don't know someone that has been to a CMU event to see how amazing it is, the following should help you with your decision. But, beware, when you come to one you'll be counting down the days until the next one, and we only do it every year and a half!

MiniWorld Magazine - The Mini 53 - Here's the full printable story.
"Imagine a two-hour twisty cruise with 70-plus Minis, followed by white water rafting, then another unique twisty cruise... memories to last a lifetime. "

MiniWorld Magazine - The Mini 51 - Here's the full printable story.
"As a follow-up to the landmark Mini 50, CMU surpassed themselves with the Mini 51 "
"Everyone witnessed the truly unforgettable sight of the endless line of Classic Minis twisting through the mountain curves."

MiniWorld Magazine comments on our Mini 50 event.
"Many people who went said it was the best Mini event they'd ever attended."
"The event set a new standard for USA Mini meetings..."

Mini Magazine also comments on our Mini 50 event.
"... it raised the bar of what should be expected of a show in North America."
"... can't wait for the next CMU event!!"

If that's not enough, see our Mini 50 and Mini 51 stories!

Get ready for this!

In the middle of the three days of great drives and sight seeing, we're offering something a little different and exciting. The Mini brings a lot of great people together, so lets spend some up close quality time on mountain bikes! Friday morning we will start with a cruise on some beautiful back roads to White Top Mountain and our lunch spot near Damascus, VA. Following lunch, you will have the afternoon option. You can continue on the afternoon cruise, yes, more fun roads and beautiful scenery, or you can go on the Virginia Creeper Trail. This is possibly the easiest, prettiest mountain bike ride you will ever encounter. The 17 mile trail (almost all down hill), which is actually the "retired" railway corridor of the Virginia - Carolina Railroad, has become one of the most popular bicycling trail destinations in the eastern United States. With its gently descending grade and well-groomed surface, lending itself perfectly to downhill adventures, the Virginia Creeper Trail is an attractive mountain-bike ride for cyclists and classic Mini enthusiasts of diverse abilities.

Chuck does the ride every year.
If Chuck can do it........

Club Forum
If you would like to join in with others and make your trip to/from the Mini 54 more enjoyable and safer (parts and service help) go to our club forum and connect with other members. Share your plans, where you're coming from, things you're bringing to the swap meet, local beers you're bringing, you favorite story from the Mini 50/51/53......  Forum  We're also on Facebook, join in and stay in touch!

Host Campground
Wytheville KOA website
We always base our events at a campground with an affordable hotel nearby. There is nothing like the campground atmosphere for our nighttime activities. So far it has been KOA all the way. Great locations and great people. This KOA is the same... Unfortunately this one isn't as big as some of the others we have stayed at, so while there is plenty of room for tent campers and motor homes, there are not that many cabins. The only cabins available at this time are the primitive cabins. These are great for the camping experience and affordable. Call the KOA direct at 276-228-2601 for the pricing and additional information. They are giving us a 20% discount, so mention CMU. Do this ASAP before the tourists take your spot! 

Alternate Hotel
Quality Inn and Suites, Wytheville website
This is the most affordable, nicest, and closest hotel to the KOA. We are calling this the alternate hotel because everything happens/starts at the KOA. This hotel will sell out fast! So, book it ASAP. When it is full, let Mike know and we'll work on Alternate Hotel part 2. Expect that one to be more expensive. They are giving us a great rate of $49.99 for 2 Queens or a single King, Suites are $69.99, and a Suite with a Jacuzzi is $74.99. Call 276-228-4241 to make your reservations. Mention Classic Minis United to get the discounted rate. Don't wait for the tourists to fill the rooms up and do it before September 30, before the prices go up. Note that the event is over Saturday night, so, you'll probably want to check out on Sunday. Also note, all of the drives will be leaving from the KOA, so be on time for the DRIVERS MEETING.

Registration (Avoid the penalties, loss of food and clothing, register now.)
The cost is once again North America's biggest bang for the buck at $25pp and $15 per Mini!  Thank our sponsors and creative event staff for keeping the cost soooooooo low! Please read the registration form completely and fill in all of the blanks that apply to you. On time peeps/Mini counts are VERY important to our final planning/ordering, so get it right and please get it in ASAP. Registration FORM.

See the T-shirt HERE. The long sleeve will look the same but the sleeves will be much longer. The sweat shirt will look like the long sleeve T but it will be much warmer. Anything that has long sleeves will have "Classic Minis United" in white down the sleeve. The order information will be on the registration form...

Not yet Chuck....

NOTE: The swap meet is Friday at 5:30. Please do not bring your parts for sale out until then. We bring everybody together for one big swap meet. Thanks you!
Go HERE for the schedule. Print it out and be on time or you'll miss a great time

Chuck, relax, October will be here soon!

Supporters and Sponsors
If you would like to help make this event once again the biggest and best event, we could use your support. Simply put, the more money we raise, the more money we can spend on the event. We kept the entry costs down so everybody can afford it, we got a title sponsor (Mini Sport USA) to help make the event happen to our standards, now we would like to embellish and add to it. If you would like to support the Mini 54 with either cash or merchandise (for an auction or giveaways) please click HERE for more information.

Thank you sponsors!
Their logos are links, visit them and see some great Mini stuff!.

Also #1 in restoring classic
Mini heater panels!

850-244-6608 -Fort Walton Beach, Florida

See their 400hp AWD Mini!

Special thanks to:
Rhonnie Guido XOXO
Rob and Gail Woelfle
Cruise Master Chuck Gaines
Cruise Master Mark Caldwell
Cruise Master Howard Collins
Scavenger Hunt Master Justin Handy
Jim Watson leaves no broken Mini behind!!
... and everybody else that's making this the BIGGEST and best North American, 3 day Mini adventure!

Copyright 2005 Classic Minis United