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We did it again!
With this being the biggest celebrated year for the classic Mini, we decided to follow up our "Mini 50 Party in the Smokies" with a "Final 50." Our first thought was to do it in central Florida so the Floridians that couldn't make it to our Mini 50 would have a chance to make it to a CMU Mini 50 that's closer to home. One thing we didn't expect was people coming from Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, and even Canada; crap, now it has to be good....

I have to start off by saying that once again the Mini gods took control of the weather. Our Mini 50, the IMM/Mini 50, Mini in the Park, and now our Final 50 all had GREAT weather!! I thank you for that O'Mini gods; please note our Mini 51 is in Erwin, Tennessee, October 13-16, 2010 (hint, hint).

So, here we go, sit back and click your way through our 3 day Mini adventure. Day 1

If you're not in this picture you weren't there.

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