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The Mini 63

The BIG reunion Party!

CMU invades Wytheville, Virginia
April 6 -9, 2022
If you like driving your Mini, don't miss this 3 day cruising adventure!
Oh, and it's a big reunion after being apart for so long!!!

beautiful mountains
and classic Minis
as far as the eye
can see!

(Picture from the Mini 51,
Autumn in the Appalachians)

Hosted by the CMU Florida Chapter and members from around the world.

This year we chose to go back to a GREAT location, Wytheville, Virginia as the base for our 3 day driving adventure and Mini 63 ReUnited party. It's located near some amazing mountains and rivers, setting the scene for some breathtaking drives. As with all of our CMU events, we like to drive, and that's what we'll be doing. We will have drives each of the three days with plenty of stops and things to see. Add in the nighttime activities, and you have the most amazing classic Mini event in North America! But wait, there's more! This event will also have the famous scavenger hunt, swap meet, epic silent auction, and Hot Wheels racing!

With this being the long awaited reunion and the first BIG event after the shutdown, we expect this to be our biggest event ever!

If you haven't been to a CMU event before, we do it differently; we like to drive/cruise a lot and see all around the beautiful area we're visiting. With this being a CMU event, you must be a member to attend. Membership is free! If you are one of the few that hasn't already joined, go to the join page and become one of the over 1,400 members! As with all of our events, this is for everybody, but all of the drives/cruises/anything is only for classic Minis, variants, and Mini based kit cars produced from 1959-2000, no exceptions. (The period following "exceptions" is to end the sentence and to also say "period".) There's always room to ride in someone’s Mini if you come in something else. We don't leave anybody behind!

For those of you that don't know someone that has been to a CMU event to hear how amazing it is, the following should help you with your decision. But, beware, when you come to one you'll be counting down the days until the next one, and we only do it every year and a half!

MiniWorld Magazine - The Mini 53 - Here's the full printable story.
"Imagine a two-hour twisty cruise with 70-plus Minis, followed by white water rafting, then another unique twisty cruise... memories to last a lifetime. "

MiniWorld Magazine - The Mini 51 - Here's the full printable story.
"As a follow-up to the landmark Mini 50, CMU surpassed themselves with the Mini 51 "
"Everyone witnessed the truly unforgettable sight of the endless line of Classic Minis twisting through the mountain curves."

MiniWorld Magazine comments on our Mini 50 event.
"Many people who went said it was the best Mini event they'd ever attended."
"The event set a new standard for USA Mini meetings..."

Mini Magazine also comments on our Mini 50 event.
"... it raised the bar of what should be expected of a show in North America."
"... can't wait for the next CMU event!!"

If that's not enough, see our Mini 50 and Mini 51 stories!

Typical view at a CMU event, but you can't see the other 75 Minis in front of the Moke!
For the Mini 63 there could be 100 Minis in front of the Moke!

We always base our events at a campground with an affordable hotel nearby. There is nothing like the campground atmosphere for our nighttime activities and to start our drives. So far it has been KOA all the way. Great locations and great people. This KOA is the same as they have become part of the CMU family... Unfortunately this one isn't as big as some of the others we have stayed at, so while there is plenty of room for tent campers and motor homes, there are not that many cabins. Note, all of the cabins have been booked by the CMU staff and helpers. But don't despair about staying at a hotel as they are close. There are two to choose from, but book early!

Host Campground
Wytheville, VA KOA website
This is once again a beautiful KOA with a very friendly and helpful staff, along with a game room featuring a bowling alley, arcade, and batting cage! They are looking forward to seeing gaggles of Minis and making our event a success! Please note to be respectful to the property and KOA staff. That also means NO speeding

Go HERE for the CMU KOA pricing/information. Note, there are no more cabins left.
This year we have two hotels that are sister hotels next to each other as well as a third option.
Red Roof Inn & Suites
1900 E Main St, Wytheville, VA 24382

Hotel #1 ($
includes tax)
Mention Classic Minis United to get the discounted rate. Don't wait for the tourists to fill the rooms up and do it before March 6, before the prices go up. When it is full, let Mike know and we'll see if we can get more rooms. Note that the event is over Saturday night, so, you'll probably want to check out on Sunday. Also note, ALL of the drives will be leaving from the KOA, so be on time for the DRIVERS MEETING!

La Quinta Inn & Suites
1800 E Main St, Wytheville, VA 24382

Hotel #2 ($100.84 includes tax)
This is the nicer of the two hotels with a better breakfast and all around nicer (indoor pool). This hotel could sell out fast as well. So, book it ASAP. When it is full, let Mike know and we'll see if we can get more rooms. Mention Classic Minis United to get the discounted rate. Don't wait for the tourists to fill the rooms up and do it before March 6, before the prices go up. Note that the event is over Saturday night, so, you'll probably want to check out on Sunday. Also note, ALL of the drives will be leaving from the KOA, so be on time for the DRIVERS MEETING!

Clown Motel DOD
Hotel #3 ($24.79 includes tax)
Not quite as nice as the other two, but it's a great price and could actually be fun. It's worth checking out. For more information visit the website.

You can stay in either hotel and have the opportunity to park your trailer behind the La Quinta Inn. Ask at the front desk when you check in at either hotel as to exactly where to park trailers. Those staying at the KOA can park at the KOA. 



Hot Wheels Racing at the Toe Joe Raceway!
Seriously?!? Yes! Have some fun and win some money! There's two ways to race, a fun race class where we supply the car, and the Pro Series where you modify and bring a Hot Wheels classic Mini to compete. Yes, you read that correctly. We did this at the Mini 59 and Mini 60 with some exciting racing and happy cash winners! Special thanks to Justin and Wilver for all of their time to run this fun event!
Go HERE for the information/rules of each class.
BONUS! $$$$ 
Congratulations to Jason Pigg for being the back to back undefeated Pro Series winner! He supplied the amazing custom trophy for the Mini 60 race, so after he won he could take it back home with him. To make the Mini 63 Pro race more interesting, Mini Sport USA is sponsoring the race with a $100 gift certificate to the overall winner that beats Jason Pigg. Between the race payout and the "Beat the Pigg 2022" bonus, the winner can walk away with up to $200!
Get your Hot Wheels ready to race!


Scavenger Hunt
Following the Thursday morning drive and lunch, we'll have the famous scavenger hunt. We do it differently than any other club in the world, unless they copied our fun creation of Minis going in every direction. Justin Handy and Cole Gentry did an amazing job setting up and running the last couple, so we are thrilled they're going to do this one! (Note to self, call them and let them know...)
Get ready for some fun, classic Minis going in all directions!

Friday night Mini 60 party!
The drives are a lot of fun, but our Friday night parties are a blast as well. We will have a swap meet, silent auction (epic stuff!), fancy dress contest, beer tasting, Hot Wheels racing featuring the "Beat the Pigg 2022" Pro race, and a catered dinner. 

Friday night Fancy Dress party
The theme to be announced soon! There will be a 18 and over contest with a $50 Mini Sport USA gift certificate, along with a 17 and under contest and prize.

Drives, drives, drives...
We are very lucky that one of our best Cruise Masters, Chuck Gaines, lives in the area. He will be putting the drives together for all 3 days! When you see him, give him a BIG thank you!!! If you see him after the drives at the end of the day, he likes beer.

Mini 63 on Facebook!
If you use FB, go HERE to join in the Mini 63 banter... Meet up with someone and travel together. Yes, FB has some benefits!

Registration will be announced ASAP
While registration isn't open yet, please book your KOA or hotel ASAP so nobody is left out in the cold. You will receive an email when registration is open.

Here's an overview. Wednesday night - registration. Thursday morning leave for a drive, lunch, scavenger hunt, nighttime ice cream run. Friday morning drive until around 3, 5 on party time until late. Saturday morning drive, back around 4-5, followed by a closing get together around a campfire.

Important: New to CMU events!
As many of you can imagine, when you get 75-125 Minis in a long line/cruise, things could happen. Due to the growing size of the event, we took a close look at safety. We concluded, to keep everybody informed at all times regarding road/traffic/Mini problems during the drives, 2-way radios are now mandatory. Below is an example of what we ran in to the last time in Cherokee. It went from clear to this fog around a blind corner.

If you don't have a radio with sub channels, you can rent one.  The rental of a club radio/charger is $15 for the event. The registration form will have a place to order the rental or to let us know that you have one. The club uses channel 7 sub 9. If you don't already have a radio and want to purchase one, we'll save you some research and give you the magic answer away from all of the misleading promises on the packages! It's all about power and all of the "affordable" radios have the same amount. So, here's the main difference to look for... You want a radio with GMRS channels as they are about twice as powerful as the basic FRS channels. Power is distance! Go to Amazon or Google and search for "GMRS Radio" and start shopping. Most come in a set, so split it with a Mini friend (make sure it has 2 chargers)! It's a safety issue and the cost of a radio is nothing compared to what could happen if you don't have one....... Please note that the radios are for this purpose only, no chatter, no "Oh look a chicken"!

Cruise groups!
We tried something new at the Mini 56, two drive groups, and perfected it at the Mini 57, 59 and 60. It was a HUGE success each time!!! Being at the rear of a 75 Mini line means you're almost always trying to catch up. But you put yourself back there so you could go slow... What to do?!?! We'll have two drive groups that do the exact route, the "Spirited" and the "Touring" groups. There will be a Cruise Master to lead each group. The Spirited group will leave first and the Cruise Master of the Touring group will start directly behind the last Mini of the front group. The difference will be that the Touring Cruise Master will re-start the pace, a little slower. The time difference to the lunch break and then back to the camp should be around 15-30 minutes. This worked GREAT at the Mini 56/57/59/60 and solved so many problems, but you still have to pay attention and keep up with the Mini in front of you! Stay together! Note, if this is your first CMU event, it is best to sign up for the Touring class. You can then move up to Spirited at any stop if you feel you can safely keep up.  DRIVERS MEETING!

Covid 19
As things change almost daily with Covid 19, we will be following the CDC guidelines and suggestions for our event. With that in mind, as time gets closer we might make the decision to require vaccines and masks. If we do, an email will be sent out to those that are registered a couple of weeks before the event. As the classic Mini is one big family, that is how we are approaching this by keeping our family as safe as possible while having a blast in our Minis!

Supporters and Sponsors
If you would like to help make the Mini 63 the biggest and best event to date, we could use your support. Simply put, the more money we raise, the more money we can spend on the event. We keep the entry costs down so everybody can afford it. We have a title sponsor (Mini Sport USA) to help make the event happen to our standards, but we always like to embellish and add to it. If you would like to support the Mini 63 with either cash or merchandise (for the silent auction or giveaways) please contact Mike Guido.

Thank you sponsors!
Their logos are links, visit them and see some great Mini stuff!.

See their 400hp AWD Mini!

850-244-6608 -Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Special thanks to:
Rhonnie Guido XOXO
Rob and Gail Woelfle
Cruise Master Chuck Gaines
Cruise Master Mark Caldwell
Scavenger Hunt Masters Justin Handy and Cole Gentry
Silent Auction Masters Malcolm and Linda
Hot Wheels Masters Justin and Wilver
Jim Watson leaves no broken Mini behind!!
... and everybody else that's making this the BIGGEST and BEST North American, 3 day Mini adventure!

Copyright 2005 Classic Minis United