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Yet another FUN weekend with plenty of warm sunshine!

Another gathering...
The British Invasion Weekend!

October 6-8, 2006 
With each gathering we try to out-do the last one, in a creative way that is... This time we chose Vero Beach as our destination for some sun and fun, while making it easier for the Minis of Miami group to join in. As a special bonus we got to drive and walk in 90+ degree temps while searching for rally answers.

Friday night the Minis started to arrive from Miami, Jacksonville and many places in between. We gathered the Minis and took a cruise to the beach and to a great little ice cream shop across the street from the beach boardwalk. It was a beautiful breezy and clear night with a full moon hanging out over and lighting up the ocean. That's when we started to hear the wonderful traveling stories from the Miami group. Evidently 16" framing hammers aren't found on the streets of south Florida. So, they waited till they got to Vero Beach to pick one up with the inside of the REAR tire. The hammer left a silver dollar sized hole in the sidewall. I'm happy to announce that Classic Minis of Florida now has a Hardship Hammer Award. You guessed it, a framed 16" framing hammer that will be passed on to the owner of the Mini that suffers the worst hardship during one of our gatherings or get-togethers.

When we returned to the hotel, everybody gathered around the pool with their favorite beverage, until we were asked to leave....

Saturday morning started with a rally that included 3 special bonus points legs in a 3 story parking garage and 2 sections where each team had to exit their Mini to find answers. Creative it was....

Within the rally route each Mini was directed into the parking garage to randomly participate in each of the 3 bonus points legs. Click on the following links!
Bonus leg - Mini Mine Field
Bonus leg - Slow Mini Drags
Bonus leg - Mini Charleston

Minis of Miami headed north.
They said this was their favorite ramp.

After finding the hammer in the road
they set up a unique pylon barrier!?!

The rally ended at a beach-side restaurant for some entertaining stories and much need drinks and food. The rally ran a little (a lot) longer than expected so after a small break it was time to get back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and a night of Swing dancing.

Following a super supper, it was off to the 14th Avenue Dance Studio for more dance lessons and a very interesting best dressed British contest. The winner...

Sunday morning we left the hotel for a cruise up A1A, a photo shoot on a causeway, and a nice riverside drive, followed by a frantic "try to keep up" pace to the finish line, I mean Corky and Amy's house. The weather was perfect for hanging out around the pool and river. Then came the food! Their personal BBQ Chef was flown in to cater the event. One word, perfect, tasty, yummy, more please.... Then it was time for the awards. While we try to stay away from awards, we have fun with it, and it's all in fun! See awards.

Then it was time for our goodbye's... A great weekend with some great memories and stories that only a Mini owner would appreciate. (I thought my tranny was blown.)

For a lot more pictures, go here. Thanks Sharon!

A SPECIAL THANKS to everybody that made this happen and for those that came to make it really happen!

Overall, from the great weather, FUN Mini enthusiasts, and a unique, well thought out inexpensive format, this gathering fully represents everything this club is striving for. If you're not a member yet, and you have a Classic Mini, come join the fun! It's free to join! We hope to see you at our next gathering.



Copyright 2005 Classic Minis of Florida